Pioneer of Islami Banking


Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd
In 1983 it became founded.
It was the first Bank in south East Asia
Provide Banking service based on Shariah.

Islami Bank is number one
There is no confusion
In 2012 top 1000 world Banks ranking
Amongst them IBBL Banking.

IBBL was registered
Under company act
It’s a largest private Banking network
This is the fact.

IBBL serve people Banking service
Consumer, Corporate, Investment & ATM
That’s handling via IT Head Office.

IBBL is dedicated itself
Towards the welfare of society
It has formed an Islami Bank Foundation
Which treat as part of social welfare activity.

IBBL has much charitable organization
They are serving through various ministrations.

IBBL like to interact with people
Their employer’s are skilled & amenable
They solve financial deeds
Which is the obligate or actually needs.

IBBL is the first interest free Bank
That’s why it gets respectable rank.

The Global Finance reputed London based magazine
That has create high image about IBBL
no one can imagine
They awarded IBBL as the best Bank of Bangladesh
Saw their activity & different kind of services

IBBL will further progress their welfare feature
That will be possible & occur in near future……

Writer: Hasna Binta Nur

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