Alternate Delivery Services (ADS) of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL)


Alternative Distribution or Delivery Services “ADS” is responsible for all electronic banking services provided by IBBL, throughout developing value added services across various Services for the customers of IBBL.
IBBL ADS Includes:

  1. All Cards

a. Debit Card
b. Visa Debit Card (Now 2 two types Silver Debit Card & Platinum Debit Card)
c. Khidmah Credit Card
d. Hajj Card
e. Salary Card
f. Prepaid Card
g. Remittance Card

  1. Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

  2. Mobile Financial Services (Islami Bank mCash)

  3. Point of Sale (POS)

  4. IBBL Deposit Machine (IDM)

  5. Phone Banking & Call Center

  6. SMS Banking

  7. Internet Banking (iBanking)

  8. Payment Gateway

  9. Any Branch Banking (Online Banking)

  10. Swift

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